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Related article: Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 15:35:15 EDT
From: XtravagantDTVaol.com
Subject: An Exploit As A Paid WhoreAn Exploit As A Paid Whore
by MarleneI'm submissive by nature. Big surprise huh? I think most girls like me
(I'm a transvestite) are. It's funny but before I really got into the whole
dressing scene and I lived most of my life as a guy I wasn't all that
submissive. In fact I remember being a little above average in the dominant
thing. I think that most of us (transvestites, crossdressers etc.) are
submissive due to some weird idea that we're secretly ashamed or embarrassed
by the fact that we dress up like women and have sex as a woman rather than a
man. Maybe we see "real" women as being submissive to men and act out on
that. Whatever the reason that's the way it is with me.I'm in this more or less committed relationship with a genetic woman (her
name is Sharon and you can read about she and I in a couple of stories called
"A Night At the Party"). And our sex life is relatively terrific due in
large part to the fact that she's very into my dressing as a woman and the
two of us doing all sorts of sexy things such as threesomes with both men and
women, couples scenes and on and on. But sometimes I get the urge to be a
real slut. When that happens I have a difficult time handling the urge and
have to act on it. How do I act on it? I sometimes run an little girls hq lolita ad in the local
sex wanted newspaper and troll the telephone to see what I get in response to
my ad.My last ad (complete with sexy pic of me standing dressed in black heels and
thigh highs, crotchless panties with my cockclit all lolita sites top bbs hard and hanging out, a
black corset and bra and a black mask over my eyes with my hair in curls.)
read: "Nasty transvestite slut seeks hot times with a hot guy or guys or
guys and girls. I like it all and will make your darkest fantasies come
true. Just do lolita porn free pic me. Call Marlene (of course that's not my real name) at this
phone number that I have a message machine hooked to at my own house away
from the one I share with Sharon.Most of the responses I get are from single guys who probably have penile
fantasies and want to act them out with a girl who has a dick and I ignore
those as there's not going to be anything cool or exciting with them. Every
now and then there's one from a woman who wants to party with another woman
but who can't bring herself model girls lolita net
to admit that she's got some les tendencies.
And every now and again there's one that captures my attention. Last week I
got a message that got me:"Hi, my name's Gary and I read your ad. This may sound kind of out of bounds
but me and my wife want to party with a transvestite. She knows I've been
with TV's before and wants to do it with me. We also have this friend Steve
who she has the hots for and she wants him involved too as she thinks he'd
like to get into some bi stuff. So if you're interested call me at
blahblahblah."Well this has me interested cause we're talking about a foursome with two
guys, me and a woman and that sounds kind of interesting and hot. So I call
him back and talk for awhile and tell him that it's going to cost them $250
for a scene with me and that for that I'll get into any scene they like
excluding scat or big time pain. young lolita bbs porn
He's good with this and we make
arrangements to meet at their home in Pacific Beach the following night.The next day I'm tingling with anticipation all day and keep touching my
cockclit subconsciously. I dress in black stockings with a garter belt,
satin tap pants, a black lace bra holds up my 34b's (the best that money can
buy). My auburn hair is curly and shoulder length and looks terrific. I
have long black silk pajama pants and a red silk t shirt on with black three
inch heeled boots. I do look pretty hot if I do say so myself.I get to their house at eight and knock on the door. It opens and this
pretty guy is standing there. He introduces himself as Gary and invites me
in. He's 5'10" or so and nicely thin with short brown hair, green eyes,
smooth complexion.. We go into a large living room where his wife and friend
are waiting. Her name is Janice. She's really pretty. About 5'8" and
weighs about 130 or so. Nice sized breasts and longish legs. I can tell
she's nervous so I tell her how nice she looks trying to put her at ease.
The friend Steve is pretty much a mirror image of Gary except with blonde
hair and blue eyes. He's really good looking and can't take nude lola preteen dark his eyes off of
me. I tell Gary that we need to get business out of the way and he gives me
the money which I put in my purse (god it makes me feel like such a whore).They've had a couple Margaritas each and Gary offers me one which I gladly
accept. Steve takes out a big fat joint and lights it up and passes it
around. It's really good stuff and pretty soon we're all at ease and talking
and bantering back and forth. I'm sitting preteen loli lolitas models
on one end of the couch with Steve
next to me and Janice model photo moi lolita
next to him. Gary is on the sitting on the floor in
front of us and the dope and drink is getting to us all after awhile. Steve
has his arm around Janice and she has her hand on his thigh. I decide to get
things moving so I lean over to Steve and kiss him on the neck and then lick
his ear and whisper to him."I think you're so gorgeous I'd love to see you kiss Janice while I play with
your cock."He doesn't say a word but he turns to her and she to him and hey kiss with
their tongues playing while my hand goes to his crotch and I feel his cock
through his pants and I can tell that there's no underwear. He moans a
little into her mouth and his dick grows immediately in my hand. While this
is happening Gary moves brazilian lolita nymphets pics
over to me on the floor and spreads my legs apart and
starts rubbing my cockclit through my soft silk pants. He's got both hands
on me and is massaging cock and balls and I'm liking it and getting turned on
like crazy. I arch my hips up giving him a visual hint and he pulls my pants
down my legs and over my boots. Steve and Janice are hot at it kissing and
sucking tongues and lips and his hands are all over her breasts while hers
are competing with mine for his cock. She breaks away and unbuttons his
slacks and frees his dick. I look at it and it's an impressive eight incher
and thick with a nice cut head. I'm holding it and she slithers down and
engulfs it with her hot mouth going all the way down in one swoop while her
eyes meet mine. I'm smiling at her while she sucks him and her husband now
has my cockclit out and is jerking on me. I'm an easy to take seven inch and
he's looking at it and rubbing it and then his tongue is on the head and
licking it and then licking the glans and then his mouth is on me and he's
sucking the head and even though he's not a pro at this he's got me hot as
sin.I say, "We should all get a little more comfortable." And everyone kind of
breaks apart and they wordlessly lead me to a nice bedroom with a big
California king bed in it. We all take our clothes off and I'm looking at
some impressive bodies. She's got high upturned tits with pretty nipples, a
flat stomach and pretty trimmed pussy fur. Gary's dick is uncut and long
and kind of slender. His body's smooth and lean and his ass is gorgeous and
made to stick a tongue into. Steve's pretty smooth with some golden hair on
his chest and a pretty patch of gold above his hard on. I get on the bed on
my back while Steve and Gary get on with me. Janice goes to a dresser and
gets out some toys. She has a big ten inch dildo and a thick double headed
one. She puts them on the nightstand and joins us. Steve is on his knees
and has his mouth attached to my right nipple and is flicking and nibbling at
it."Ummmmm, bite it baby." I tell him as I hold his head there. He bites
lightly and I tell him to do it harder so he does and it makes me tingle.
Gary's absolutely fascinated with my cockclit and is sucking me like there's
no tomorrow. Janice gets on the bed with us and goes under Steve on her back
so that his cock is over her mouth. She sucks in the head and he's biting my
nipples and fucking his cock in and out of her mouth like it's a pussy.I'm urging both of my male lovers on. model girls lolita net
"Oh yeah baby, bite my nipples. Make
me crazy. Suck my cockclit you slut. Make me big in your nasty hot mouth
you bitch." This is making both of them go at me like the sluts they want to
be and Steve is moaning and fucking her mouth and she's sucking him and
sticking her fingers in her cunt and the whole scene is really hot and nasty.Gary leaves my cocky (thank god cause I'm getting too turned on for this to
last too much longer at this pace) and moves up so that his nice long dick is
in my face. I reach up and caress it and pull it into my mouth sucking it in
and, using some suction, start fucking it in and out letting it fuck my face
like it's a pussy. He takes it out and starts slapping my face with it which
makes me crazy. I'm opening my mouth trying to get it back in and he's
teasing me by slapping and rubbing it all over my face. I can see pre-cum on
it and I want to taste it and he finally shoves it back into me and down into
my throat making me gag a little but I love it so much I can't stand it.
Janice gets out from under Steve and gets the big dildo."I want to see Marlene fuck herself with this thing." she says. I don't
need a lot of urging from anyone to do this. Everyone kind of moves back and
it's obvious that they want a show from me. I love putting on a good show.
I'm holding the model photo moi lolita dildo and looking at it."This thing's big. If I'm going to get it inside of me I'm going to need
some help getting all wet and slutty for it." I'm now sitting back at the
headboard and I spread my legs so that my cocky's standing up. I take a
pillow and slide it under me so that my ass pussy's open for all of them to
see. I lick my middle finger and slide it around the hole and put it inside
of me and then take it out. "Ummm, I love having things inside of me. How
about your tongue Gary? Want to fuck me with it.?"Gary almost dives between my legs and starts licking my balls and down to my
asscunt. Janice and Steve are urging him on telling him to fuck me with his
tongue and I'm telling him too. "Stick that wet tongue dick inside of me
Gary. Fuck me with it. Stick some fingers in me baby. Make me all wet and
slutty." He does and it's getting me really hot so I push him away. The
three of them are watching me, their eyes all wide and glazed as I stick the
head of the ten inch dildo into my mouth and get it all wet. I get saliva
all over the head and the shaft and then take it and stick the head at the
entrance to my pussy. I'm looking at their eyes when I push the whole thing
into me all the way up to the end of it and just leave it there. I gasp as
it bottoms in me and I start fucking it in and out taking it all the way so
that just the head's in and then pushing it all the way back in. Janice has
both hands in her pussy and she's jerking on her clit while her fingers are
going in and out of her and there's a flow of pussy juice coming out of her.My voice is quivering when I tell Gary and Steve to play with each other's
dicks while they watch me and without a pause both of them are jacking on
each other. I'm fucking the dildo in and out of me fairly fast now and
there's a constant stream of pre-cum leaking out of my cocky and running down
the sides of the shaft. Janice moans and kind of falls forward and starts
sucking me licking up all the cum and swallowing. Gary and Steve are now in
a 69 and are sucking like crazy. This is all so fucking hot that I know if
it keeps up there's going to be cum from all pretty quick and I don't want
that yet. I push her head off of me."Want a girl dick in you Janice." I ask her."Oh god yes. Stick it in me Marlene. Fuck me with that pussy stick of yours
till I cum."I put her on her back and get between her legs and stick my raging cocky into
her slutty cunt and sink it all the way in. She gasps and moans."You guys hold her legs back to her head so I can get it all the way into
her." Gary and Steve lolita sites top bbs each hold a leg and push them back to her head so that
her ass and cunt are so wide and spread that it takes no effort for me to
pull out of her gushing pussy and slide myself into her ass which is wet from
her own juices flowing down into it. She cries out as I go all the way into
her ass and start sliding into it and out of it and then out of it and back
into her cunt. She has tears running down her cheeks and her mascara's
running and there's an incoherent babble of words coming from her mouth. The
guys are holding her legs with one hand and jacking their cocks with the
other and I'm fucking her tgp bbs tiny lolitas and she's having orgasm after orgasm as I switch
from hole to hole."Oh god I'm cummmmmmmmmminnnnng." She screams as she bucks up to meet me.I rip model photo moi lolita my cockclit out of her and she gives a final scream and goes limp. The
guys let go of her legs and look at me with hot nasty lust in their eyes. I
roll over on my back and spread my legs for them. "Stick one in my ass and
one in my mouth." I tell them as I arch my back up. Steve gets between my
legs and sticks his big fat cock into me and starts fucking away like a
madman while Gary straddles my chest and sticks his long cock into my mouth.
I have a pillow under my head so it's like he's fucking my mouth cunt and all
I have to little lolita girls pussy
do is lie there and put suction on his dick while he fucks me.
Both of them are really going hard at me and I'm gagging a little bit and my
cocky's twitching and nasty cum is leaking out of it. Steve cries out that
he's cumming and he gives a final massive thrust and I feel his hot jets of
cum shooting into my asscunt. There's gush after gush going into me and I
love it. Gary pulls his dick out of my mouth and jerks on it once, twice and
then squeezes it as a huge shot of cum shoots out and onto my face. He
shoots two or three more onto my face and hair and then sticks it back in my
mouth and I suck the rest of his cum out of him. They both fall away from me
and Janice gets between my legs with the double dildo and sticks one end into
my widened asscunt and the other into her ass and starts jerking it back and
forth into the two of us. She has her other hand on my cocky and is rubbing
the head and all of this is too fucking much and I clench my muscles and
shoot an arc of cum out of me and onto my tits. She falls forward and takes
my cocky into her mouth and sucks and sucks til there's nothing left in me
and I'm spasming from the pressure of her mouth on my sensitive cockclit.
She pulls away and we all lay there in sated pleasurable agony.I think we all got our money's worth.Xxx
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